Is Earthquake readiness important?

How safe is my home against a disaster? Our home is where we are where we and our family feel most comfortable and safe, but how safe is it for a catastrophic event such as an earthquake, flood, house fire, or forest fire can leave your home condemned, unfit for occupancy. Our disaster management team can prepare to mitigate and engineer your families safety. Earthquake readiness, fire safety, water diverting, and family plans will prepare your house and family for the unthinkable.

Basics like running water, a roof over our head, cooking facilities and heat will have to be met somewhere, somehow else. Red Cross shelters, community, and friends will come to your rescue, but your level of preparedness will determine our quality of life after. Using your home as a shelter during a time of need is an option, the benefits of this are priceless to your family's health physically and mentally. Being prepared with an earthquake kit, a family disaster plan and a little hands-on practice you will be the first responder, just knowing you have a plan will make you feel better.

Not being home to turn off the gas and water after the earthquake could leave your home and the water in it, contaminated and condemned. Having earthquake shutoff valves installed by a professional is an essential part of your Earthquake preparedness.

Consumption of contaminated water are usually the first and main causes of ill-health to affect people during and after disasters.  Fires caused by broken gas lines can damage your and your neighbor's houses.  The delay for help is a real threat,  road closures, infrastructure down,  miscommunication/cell towers down,  and access blocked will be precious time lost.

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