Why have a family emergency plans?

What do I do in a disaster? Our family, friends, and pets are our greatest treasure keeping together in times of earthquakes, floods, and fires is essential to everyone's health.

Some family members are dependent on others greatly, small children, elderly, and people with disabilities require activities to be performed for them daily if left alone for short periods of time it can lead to lasting health problems. How much water do I need to survive a disaster? Well 3 days without water will greatly affect your health in a negative way to the point where this imminent danger to your life, 3 hours in the snow with no shelter you run the risk of hypothermia, in addition to a traumatic event such as an earthquake, fire, flood, or tsunami your loved ones that depend on you could develop PTSD and be affected for life.  

Deciding we need to do something is not enough, an action is needed. Asking the question, How to do a family disaster plan? Is the first step so we aren't caught with that horrible feeling of not being there for our loved ones in a time of crisis. Each step you take gets you closer to being prepared for any disaster.

How long will it take to get help in an earthquake? Is a good question to ask, A delay in help is a real threat and can leave you and your family friends and pets in imminent danger, leaving you searching for the basics of survival. Be the first responder, be part of the solution, not the problem. Earthquake readiness, fire safety, and other disaster management are as relevant in life as car insurance.

What will happen if there was an earthquake? Panicking is not an option, not knowing about a loved one's whereabouts because of dead batteries in cell phones, families crossing paths looking for each other, leaving because the house is unsafe, broken gas lines, crumbling structure, concrete dust (Silica) will not even be a factor. Your family will be ready!! An earthquake family plan as part of your earthquake preparedness. Practicing this  disaster plan will answer the question. What do I do in an earthquake?

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