Why we do this

As a family-run business we found our interest in emergency preparedness through realizing how unprepared we were for an emergency. Through becoming aware of the necessity of earthquake readiness on the West coast of BC it became clear that we needed to do better as a family, and that ideally we would have others in our community who were ready as well.

We realized that depending on the idea that "it's not going to happen to us" wasn't going to cut it when the rubber hit the road. Here at The Way Out Consulting we can prepare you and all of your family with the skills confidence and experience to handle an emergency situation... not IF, but WHEN it does happens, through our P.L.A.N program. 

Our Approach

Here at, The Way Out Consulting are dedicated to educating and preparing you, your family and your employees for any kind of natural or human induced disaster. We do this through a practical approach, where we actually run people through the tasks required to keep you and your family safe and sustainable in the aftermath of a disaster.

We believe that everyone deserves to have this information, and that we will be best prepared if we have a community response plan. Do you know who in your neighbourhood has a boat? Who collects rain water? Or who has the best foundation in the case that you are in need of shelter? Part of our services includes our Alumni Program, which connects you to others in your neighbourhood who are dedicated to preparing for a successful response to emergencies. 

The Team

Nakoa, our Chief Consultant, is a Red Seal Structural Iron Worker by trade. Nakoa has 16 years experience working in the field, both seismic and residential building integrity throughout the Lower Mainland and Alberta. He has worked in the construction industry from foundation to finish, including residential and commercial projects. (Maybe add some technical skills, like a little list).

Liticia, our Lead Emergency Coach, has extensive experience in group facilitation and training, research and administration. Her approach is to make emergency preparedness accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds while ensuring that all information given is vigorously researched and scientifically sound. 


Why Emergency Preparedness Matters

On the West Coast each year, seismologist with the Geological Survey of Canada record more than 2,500 earthquakes. The Pacific Ring of Fire has three active fault lines and breaks in the earth's crust, some moving 2 to 10 cm each year, about as fast as your fingernails grow.

Canada's largest recorded earthquake was in 1949, registered right here on the West Coast at a magnitude of 8.1 putting this in context some may remember Seattle's 6.8 magnitude in 2001, and the damage it caused shutting down some infrastructure up to 18 months. 

Check out this video for more information

Some 70 kilometers beneath our feet the Juan de Fuca and North American plates are locked together. They're storing up energy as you read this and can release at any time it is likely that we are going to experience a severe earthquake within the next 50 years.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself...

Do you cross bridges to get to work?

Does your family know where to go in case everyone is separated?

Remember cell phone towers can be affected, how long does your battery last on your cell phone?

How do you get home during an earthquake, how do I get to work in the aftermath?

When was your house built? Has it had a seismic upgrade? Is the foundation attached to the house?

Who's going to turn off the gas lines if you’re not home?

These are just a few of the questions that we can Plan for you and your family. With our Hands-On training for the whole family everyone will learn with, confidence to act now. 

“What is peace of mind worth to you, your family and employees?”