This service provides you with a thorough, easy to understand report laying out a  comprehensive plan preparing our family, house and work/school for  Earthquake readiness, through Practice, Learning so you can Act Now. Our P.L.A.N camp is included in this service.

These easy to grab watertight earthquake readiness kits will provide for you and your family in any emergency situation. These are essential for earthquake preparedness.

Our team will complete the list provided by your ShakeSult team member, hidden hazards are everywhere and we hear at The Way Out are trained to find, and fix a wide range of hazards, this part or your earthquake preparedness will decrease the cost of making your home safe to go back to and increase the chances of you using it as a shelter in the aftermath.

We spend a great majority of our time away from our homes, our qualified trades people will install shut off valves on major gas and water lines entering in your house. Sparks can cause a catastrophic fire endangering other houses close by, your neighbors play an important role in your earthquake preparedness, play an important roll in there's by keeping their’s and your house safe.

 we will track the expiry dates on all the products in your ShakeSake and replace them as need, also we will stay on top of changing infrastructure updating your Earthquake preparedness plan as needed. also, this service includes to admission to our alumni inner circle, receiving and discussing new and emerging earthquakes readiness technologies and in the worst case scenario a circle of friends to band together when the big one hits. 

“If you are prepared for the worst case scenario, then you really are prepared for anything”